Our story


A sweet sleep starts with wearing comfortable and skin-friendly pajamas,

and we deeply understand how important sleep is for a new and growing family.




The birth of ZIGJOY


Originated from the founder (Liu) as a new mother.

The child's startled reaction was extremely intense from birth,

and they were always awakened by the child's crying at night.


In this process,

the idea emerged of designing a warm and soft sleeping bag

that felt as secure as being in a mother's arms.

Maintaining the original intention of allowing babies

to wear with peace of mind at every stage

from newborns to independent sleep has continued to this day.


The idea of ZIGJOY


Adheres to the concept of "caring for the pure touch of babies", 

pursuing the details and innovation of every swaddle and sleep sack.   


Inspired by the infinite vitality of the ocean,

  Explore global natural fabrics, complemented by scientific production,
  Provide soft and warm intimate sleep products for every new family.


  • Originating from the ocean, giving birth to life,
  • We follow the law of taking from nature and giving back to nature,
  • Protecting the ocean and the Earth requires the collective guard of all of us,
  • Using product design elements to convey environmental protection concepts .



    • We abandon complex and redundant designs.
    • Focus on the research and development of functional and comfortable fabrics.
    • Through research on infant medicine and parenting.
    • Be bent on creating tightfitting sleep products that reassure parents and make children feel bliss   




      • Persistence is more important than anything else,
      • ZIGJOY places more emphasis on product quality,
      • And all our pursuits and persistence is to provide children with safe and comfortable tightfitting sleep products firsthand,
      • Building a consumer recognized mother and baby brand.