Why Should the Baby Wear Sleeping Sacks?

Mar 3, 2023

The baby is restless when sleeping, often kick the quilt, the next day up, it is easy to catch a cold. The sleeping bag is called a "quilt on the body", so it cannot be kicked off, ensuring a good night's sleep for your baby. Different from pajamas, the baby put on a loose sleeping bag, there will be a layer of air between the body and the sleeping bag to help keep warm, prevent cold at night, and cold is not necessarily in the winter, in the summer air-conditioned room, is also the baby cold high risk.

Blankets, quilts and other items not only have the risk of being kicked off, but also increase the risk of sleep apnea of infants, especially those under 1 year old. In the crib, you don't need anything except the pillow and the baby in the sleeping bag. If the weather is too cold, a quilt is enough.

Thousands of babies are killed every year because of "blindfolds", caused by poor parenting by new mothers who, if they had been using sleeping bags, would have.... But no if, in the absence of problems, please learn to prevent!

It is said that women who have given birth to baby and women who have not given birth to baby, there is a big difference. In fact, the real gap does not start from giving birth to children, but from the lack of sleep every night. A mother who wants to get up for 2 hours every night to check whether the baby kicked the quilt and a mother who can sleep at night, of course, the degree of aging is different... With the help of the sleeping bag, mothers no longer have to worry about their babies being kicked or covered by blankets and quilts. So, mother can rest assured to sleep well ~

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