Why does my baby cry in her sleep?

Jun 13, 2023
It is common for babies to cry, but when a baby suddenly cries loudly at night, it is important for parents to pay attention to the fact that this may be caused by fright and it is best for parents to understand the reasons why their baby cries in her sleep.

5 factors associated with babies crying in their sleep

1. Baby crying at bedtime may be caused by imperfect neurodevelopment, baby's brain lack of oxygen or for some reason caused by imperfect neurodevelopment, prone to cry at night in bed, imperfect neurodevelopment will appear sleep disorders.

2. Too tired to play before going to bed, the baby's spirit is too excited, the muscles are too tired, after the baby falls asleep the body will continue to be affected, so it is easy to cry.

3. The lack of certain trace elements in the baby's body will lead to restless sleep and easy to wake up suddenly, and the problem of crying will occur after waking up, so the mother should pay attention to replenish the nutrition needed by the baby's body in time.

4. Too much to eat before going to bed or not enough to eat, will cause the baby sleep unstable, will appear to cry when sleeping problem, try to let the baby eat before going to bed, but do not let the baby eat too much, otherwise it will affect the baby's sleep.

5. Some babies have a strong sense of dependence on their mothers and are afraid to see strangers when they sleep, so seeing strangers before they go to bed will make them feel insecure and wake up easily.

What to do if your baby suddenly cries in bed

1. After the baby cries, the mother should touch the baby's body or forehead to tell the baby that the mother is around, to let the baby know the presence of the mother, so that the baby can feel a sense of security, can make the baby faster into sleep, can be good to calm the baby's emotions, usually to care more about the baby, so that the baby has a full sense of security.

2. It is best not to leave the light on when sleeping, keep the light appropriate, and it is not advisable to turn on the brightest light immediately after the baby wakes up, as this will make the baby wake up completely and will not be easy for the baby to go to sleep again, try to keep the room quiet and avoid too much noise in the room, otherwise it will have an impact on the baby's sleep.

3. Try not to take your baby out to see strangers during the day, you can do some games and interactions with your baby at home. Smaller babies may have fear after coming into contact with strangers, which will seriously affect your baby's sense of security and will naturally be somewhat restless when sleeping at night. For younger babies, mothers should try to let see strangers as little as possible.

There are many reasons why babies cry at bedtime, which may be due to illness or fright. Parents should create a quiet sleep environment for their babies so that they feel fully secure.

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