When do babies need to wear shoes?

Apr 11, 2023

Before understanding when babies need to wear shoes, I need to talk to parents about the dangers of wearing shoes too early, which is a very important point.



1. It will hinder the development of baby's sense of touch in the feet

Our body is rich in nerves all over the feet, so when the baby's feet touch the ground, they can give the brain and the growing body full stimulation and feedback through the nerves in the feet. If the child is given shoes too early, it will hinder this training of conveying ground information through the palms of the feet, and the lack of such tactile stimulation for a long time may cause the child to lack foot sensitivity and poor foot adaptation, and the baby's balance and walking coordination will be affected.

Specific performance: the baby does not like to walk barefoot, identified a pair of shoes after the reluctance to change shoes, easy to fall, trip and so on.




2. Affect the baby's crawling.

If you help your baby wear shoes too early when he or she is still not walking, it is a kind of bondage for the child who is learning to crawl. Not only does this not help the development of the muscles, tendons, and joints in the child's feet, but it also affects the natural learning process of crawling. Obviously, small shoes reduce the friction, but increase the difficulty of crawling.

So how old should a baby be to wear shoes that are most appropriate?

I would like to say that this should not be defined by month or age, but rather by the baby's own developmental status. There is only one criterion for whether a baby should wear shoes, and that is: when a baby can stand on its own, it can start wearing shoes.




Help your baby choose shoes to pay attention to these issues:

1, the heel and toe of the shoe should have a certain degree of hardness, the body of the shoe to play a protective role.

2, choose shoes with a certain bump in the arch of the insole, such shoes can play a supporting role for the arch of the foot.

3, the shoe elasticity is appropriate, do not choose large shoes, after the heel can enter a finger as appropriate.

4, do not buy shoes with unusual odor, strange and bizarre shoes are not recommended.

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