What you should know about your baby's sleep

Apr 14, 2023

  The life of a small baby is monotonous, for them all day except for eating milk is to sleep, so sleep for the baby can be a very important thing. But did you know? The smaller the age of the baby, sleep such a simple thing the more there is to learn it, especially for new mothers, if the operation is not done properly, it is likely to miss the best time for the baby to sleep, so not only the baby suffer, mom and dad will also eat a lot of pain, so today we will talk about some of the topics of baby sleep it!
1, sleep on your back is not safe
Many parents see their children fall asleep on their backs, do not dare to disturb his sleep, but in fact, this is wrong Oh! Many national studies have shown that sleeping on your back is one of the main causes of SIDS. Because sleeping on his back just blocked the infant's instinctive reflex role in breathing, it is easy to cause breathing difficulties and thus sudden death.

2, don't let the sleep hold trapped baby free to turn over.
Children from 4 to 6 months have learned to roll over on their own, but this time parents are often worried about whether the child can roll over smoothly or always up expecting them to sleep peacefully in a fixed position. So they insist on using the hold sleep position to stabilize the child's sleeping position, which is actually a bad habit! Cuddling can affect your child's turning habits and create dependency. Therefore, this stage of the child can already sleep independently.

3, choose the appropriate crib is very important.
Do not think that the soft mattress is more comfortable, too soft mattress is easy to bury the child's face into the mattress sponge tissue, which may lead to child suffocation. In addition, the size of the mattress must be appropriate or loose mattress may leave a gap between the bed and the help, which is easy to pinch the child's hands and feet. The gap between the bed guardrail should not be too large, so that when the child is naughty, it is easy to put the head out, it will be stuck in the child's head.  

4, the child suddenly fell asleep in time to let it lie down.
Children often fall asleep suddenly in some mobile position, for example, in the stroller. These positions are usually not conducive to sleep, and when the child's head drops down it is easy to block breathing, so the child should be put to bed to continue to sleep even.

5. Consider appropriate use of pacifiers.
Although the reason for this is not clear, studies have found that the use of pacifiers helps prevent teeth grinding and sleep talking in the middle of the night and can better promote sleep. However, it should not be used excessively, which is not good for dental development.

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