What to do if your baby won't sleep?

May 4, 2023

When it comes to your baby's sleep, I believe that many mothers will cry out for headaches. Some children are more and more energetic at night, and they are tired after playing all day, but they still refuse to go to bed! How to help your baby establish good sleep habits has become a must-have growth course for moms and dads.

1. Turn off the lights.

Turning off the lights is to remind children of bedtime to want to develop good sleep habits, parents should try to let their children sleep at a fixed time. Every night, when everyone is showered and ready, mom and dad should create a good sleeping environment for the baby. Turn off the TV, dim the lights, lower the sound of your voice, and use the power of the environment to remind your child that it's bedtime! This way the child can gradually relax and get into the atmosphere of going to sleep. At this time, if mom and dad can sing a lullaby for the baby, or tell a storybook, I believe the baby will soon be able to fall asleep.

2. daytime sleep time should be grasped

Babies enter the 1-3 years old toddler stage, is not like those who need to supplement sleep all the time when they are young, the length of the lunch break during the day will also have a certain impact on the night sleep. If you want your child to fall asleep early, nap time can be slightly earlier, and should not sleep too long; in addition, you should try to avoid going to bed after 5 p.m., you can play with your child or go outdoors to distract, to avoid the bad habit of sleeping late.

3. Encourage your child to fall asleep on his or her own

Babies over the age of 1 know that it's time to go to bed, and they should believe that they can fall asleep on their own. We can put them in their own cribs and pat them gently to give them a sense of security. In addition, parents should remain relaxed and calm, do not rush, do not question the child "why not sleep", sleep in a comfortable environment to help the baby sleep well.

4. Prepare a soothing item for your baby

There are many things that can soothe your baby, a hug from your mother, a bottle of hot milk, a big gentle hand from your father, a quilt, or a toy for sleeping, all of these can help your baby fall asleep faster.


5. You can drink the right amount of milk before bedtime
The right amount of formula for your baby before bedtime can make your baby sleep longer at night and gradually develop a sleep habit of separating day and night, which can also prevent your child from getting up at night and asking for night milk, breaking the established biological clock. But mothers and fathers should remember to brush their babies' teeth after drinking milk before bedtime!

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