What should I do if my baby loves to kick the covers?

Apr 5, 2023

  Many people around me have complained to me that babies love to kick the covers in their sleep. Today let me share with you how to prevent your baby from kicking!


Why do babies love to kick in bed?

1. Bad sleeping environment.

Solution: Improve the sleeping environment to maintain a good sleeping environment and adjust the brightness of the room lights. You can also put on some soft music and keep it quiet before putting your baby to sleep. Ask your family not to make loud noises.

2. The blanket is too thick.

Solution: Choose the right comforter and wear the right pajamas. The quilt your baby uses should be cotton and light and warm. A quilt is light and warm so that your baby will not kick the quilt away because he or she is being smothered. You should also choose cotton pyjamas that are loose and comfortable. Comfortable pajamas for your baby will help him/her to fall asleep easily and sleep more soundly.


The solution: prompt treatment Parents should give their babies regular health care. If signs of illness are found seek medical treatment promptly. If you find that your baby is scratching his anus involuntarily, it may be due to pinworms. Watch out for finger eating. Disinfect your baby's clothes and bed linen with hot water to kill the eggs during treatment.

4. Play too excitedly before bedtime.

Solution: Do not let your baby do more vigorous exercise or play intense games before bedtime. Don't let your baby watch cartoons with exciting plots. Mothers and fathers who want to spend more time with their children after work can choose a more gentle approach. For example, read a book with your baby and tell him a story. 

What should I do if my baby kicks in bed?

Step 1: Ensure adequate nutritional intake. Apart from promoting calcium absorption, which mothers are familiar with. For babies, vitamin D also plays an important role in maintaining the immune system. Vitamin A also plays an important role in your baby's immune system and bone development

Step 2: Adjust the room temperature. Bring the room up to the right temperature for the body. This way, even if you kick off the blanket, you will not catch a cold because the temperature is too low. However, this is usually done by using an air conditioner. The air conditioning process will reduce the humidity in the room. This requires the addition of a humidifier to soften the dryness caused by the air conditioner.

Step 3: Build a warm and cosy nest When building a warm "nest" for your baby. Mothers can place 1 or 2 pillows on the side of the cot. On the one hand, this will prevent your baby from kicking the duvet by preventing him or her from spinning around and turning over when sleeping. On the other hand, even if your baby kicks off the covers, there are pillows as a snug protection so that he or she does not get too cold.


Step 4: Use a sleeping bag for your child. If sleeping conditions are limited, mothers can also choose a special sleeping bag for babies and toddlers. It can be adapted to various sleep states and positions and will not catch cold. 


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