Want to let your baby sleep on their own and feel safe, just a magic soothing towel.

Jun 25, 2023

I recently read a very true statement: Babies like to cry because every little unhappiness can be the worst thing they have ever experienced in their lives.

These unhappiness may be "I'm tired", "I'm sleepy", "I'm scared", "I'm not used to it", or some unexplained mood. Or some indefinable bad mood, it is enough to make them emotional breakdown to cry out. The first is because they have so little life experience, so they are mentally fragile, and the second is because they do not know how to calm themselves down and need to learn. So learning to calm themselves in certain ways so that even after experiencing some unhappiness, they can calm down on their own instead of being hysterical and unable to stop all the time is an important lesson that babies need.

In fact, almost all children have some little habits to soothe themselves, which may be: sucking on a comfort pacifier, sucking their fingers, biting their lips, biting their nails, touching some part of their mother's body, etc. But obviously the above habits can be quite a headache, which is why I'm recommending a relatively less annoying self-soothing habit today - the safety wipes.
Soothing towel, as the name implies, is a cloth that can bring a sense of security to the baby (of course, it can also be a security plush toy), at first, that may be just a small ordinary blanket, and thousands of other blankets down the assembly line is no different, but the days and days of companionship, the baby familiar with the towel's unique touch and smell, pouring their own emotions, the towel becomes unique The towel becomes unique.

It can be said that the Anan soothing towel is like another relative of the baby, comforting the baby almost all discomfort, whether physical or psychological. 24 hours a day to provide the comfort your baby needs:
1. comfort baby to sleep, there are soothing towel baby, sleep generally do not need adults to pat ah coax ah, hold nibble on their own to fall asleep
2. reduce or even eliminate the baby's anxiety about strangers, with a security blanket baby more adapted to the environment, travel not afraid not to recognize the bed.
3. Reduce the separation anxiety of the baby, whether the baby to the nanny or kindergarten, with a security blanket baby can adapt to the new guardian faster.
4. Help baby relieve boredom, in the time that had to wait, if the baby has a comfort towel, it will be much quieter.

But it's worth mentioning that not all babies will like comfort blankets (some baby boys don't touch soft things at all), and the older the month the harder it will be because they may already be used to other ways of comforting themselves, so it will also take some effort on your part to develop this habit from a young age.

How to choose to buy comforters:
1. as long as it is very soft and comfortable and fuzzy little thing is good, blanket or plush toys, can be.
2. Do not recommend the silk texture, and do not recommend hanging a lot of toys too fancy multifunctional.
3. There is no need for animal-shaped blankets, but it just looks more cute.
4. Not necessarily the more expensive the better, of course, for safety reasons, the cotton blanket is better.

How to make the baby like it?
The earlier the better, it is best to let this blanket follow the baby from birth, within three months because of the risk of suffocation, so it is not recommended to let the small blanket to sleep with, but you can grab the blanket with one hand when the baby is eating milk, and tease the baby with the blanket when awake, and put it next to the baby's face when putting him to sleep. After the baby can roll over, you can let the baby sleep on the pillow or hold the blanket. The baby's appetite period, you can also encourage him to chew the blanket, pure cotton wool even if eaten in the mouth also has no toxic effect. In short, create more opportunities to let them two together, time will naturally have feelings.

Note: You can prepare two, but do not have too different, as far as possible to maintain the same.

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