Vest & Long Sleeve Sleeping Bag Details

Mar 8, 2023
  • Main functions.

1、Vest style is convenient for children to move their hands, suitable for small children who sleep with their hands up.

2、Long sleeve type removable sleeve cover, can adapt to different temperature use, prevent kicking, better warmth function.

  • Features.

Vest-style sleeping bags are suitable for babies whose little hands like to wave around when they sleep. Vest-style sleeping bags are easy to put on and take off, and turning over when sleeping will not be obstructed and will not cause a sense of constraint to them. However. However, the vest-style sleeping bag is sleeveless and weak in terms of warmth, and it is also prone to catching a cold if the cuffs and collar are too large, so it is more suitable for summer use.

Long sleeved sleeping bags avoid the disadvantages of vest style sleeping bags, reducing the feeling of constriction while still providing warmth. Most long-sleeved sleeping bags have a zip at the sleeve, so you can remove the sleeve and instantly turn it into a vest-style sleeping bag, a bag for two purposes.


  • Selection Tips.

1, when selecting a vest sleeping bag, pay attention to the size of the collar and cuffs, too large may have wind leakage, too small easy to strangle the baby's arms and neck, causing discomfort.

2, long-sleeved sleeping bags to remove the cuffs of the zip must pay attention to whether it is safe to prevent the zip has sharp metal protruding scratch children.

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