Things You Need to Know if Your Baby is Sleeping Alone

Mar 13, 2023

1. The baby cot

   When choosing a cot, it is important that it is firm and safe. Shake it to make sure it is reliable enough. Wood is the best material, strong and not deformed;

   The corners of the bed should be rounded to prevent sharp edges from hurting; the fence spacing is 6cm or less to prevent the baby from getting stuck when stretching his head; The height of the fence is about 50cm above the mattress to prevent the baby from overturning.

   In addition, although decorative stickers are beautiful, babies can get into trouble if they accidentally eat them. The paint used in the cot should also be checked for harmful substances such as lead

   The placement of the bed is also a matter of concern, and the baby's safety should prevail. Keep away from window sills or large furniture to avoid giving your baby the opportunity to escape from prison. Keep away from lights, heaters, fans, electric heaters, televisions and other devices that may be harmful to your baby. Keep the bed as close to the wall as possible, or at least 50cm away from the wall, to prevent your baby from falling and getting stuck in the gaps. Also avoid direct sunlight, which can harm your baby's skin and eyes with excessive UV rays

2. baby wearable blanket

   Babies love to kick the blanket in bed, always expose their arms and legs, and wake up with a sneeze and a runny nose. When the wind blows in the winter months, the quilt and mattress come together, weighing down the baby and putting him at risk of sudden death by suffocation. Switching to a sleeping bag that combines the functions of a quilt, mattress and blanket is a good option.

   Sleeping bags are available in a variety of brands and styles, so it is a challenge to choose one, as I have said in previous articles, but now I will briefly explain.
   First of all, a loose size is appropriate, not to hinder development; cotton sleeping bags, monochrome lining to reduce skin irritation; moderate neckline, otherwise the baby's head into the sleeping bag is very dangerous; not too rough workmanship, there is a pungent smell should never be; before the age of 1 year with gourd type, split-leg type and other loose sleeping bags; the number of sleeping bags do not have to be more, two or three is enough.

    Although sleeping bags are good to use, parents should not take them lightly. Wash and reuse the sleeping bags you have just bought. Pay attention to your baby's skin during use to see if he or she has any allergies. Pay attention to temperature changes, don't add clothes and blankets just because you are afraid your child will catch a cold, which could lead to a life-threatening fever syndrome if you are not careful.

Key review:
1.Choose a crib that is solidly made of wood, with bars at the right height apart, free of decorative stickers and paint safe.

2.Place cots away from windowsills, appliances, furniture and areas of direct sunlight.

3.Loose, soft and comfortable, well-made sleeping bags are most appropriate, 2-3 are sufficient.

4.Wash the sleeping bag before using it and pay attention to the skin condition and body temperature when using it to avoid accidents when using it improperly.


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