The Right Sleeping Bag to Ensure Your Baby Sleeps

Mar 10, 2023

Most paediatricians now agree that children can sleep appropriately in easy-to-wear sleeping bags, which are used to prevent children from getting cold in bed by kicking off their blankets. This is why it is important for mothers to choose and use a sleeping bag.

1. The size should be appropriate.

Sleeping bags should have a certain degree of looseness and should not restrict and hinder the normal growth and development of the baby's limbs. However, it should not be too long and too loose to avoid the baby sliding directly into the bag during sleep. When choosing a sleeping bag, the mother should allow an extra 10 cm (= 3.9 inches) for the baby's own height. It is important to note that a baby who is not yet able to roll over may move his or her arms and legs during sleep. Therefore, you should choose a sleeping bag that is loose and does not give your baby a sense of constraint, such as split-legged, vest-style, etc.

2. The temperature should be appropriate.

Common is the summer model (about 25 ℃ or above), spring and autumn thin models (18-23 ℃), spring and autumn thick models (15-20 ℃), autumn and winter models (about 15 ℃ or below), air-conditioned room models (or heated rooms) (20-25 ℃). Many mothers will choose to put a thermometer inside the sleeping bag to avoid the temperature being too high or too low.

3. Comfortable material, lightweight and easy to wash.

Sleeping bag is something close to the baby, both the inner layer, or filling material should pay attention to comfort, substandard material is easy to trigger allergies. Mothers mostly prefer cotton material breathability, sweat absorption are better, lightweight and warm, and will not be deformed after washing.

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