The New Generation of Baby Diapers - the Diaper Skirt

Mar 15, 2023

  We all know what a diaper mat is, so let me tell you what a diaper skirt is. It's a little skirt with a concealed fastener at the bottom that holds it in place so that the baby can turn 360 degrees in bed without slipping upwards.


  One of the new mothers around me said this about the diaper skirt, she said that it was simply great, it was like having a diaper mat sewn onto your body and you didn't have to be afraid of your baby moving around, you didn't have to worry about changing the sheets all day.


Diaper SkirtDiaper Skirt


Structure of the baby diaper pad


Surface: Combed cotton printed cotton wool fabric, using safety technology, the ink is located on the inner surface of the film, do not have to worry about the baby's contact, more safe and reliable.

Middle: TPU, waterproof and breathable film, non-toxic and odourless.

Lower layer: Towel fabric, which can play a good absorbent effect, but also keep breathable and not stuffy bottom.


Diaper Skirt

The diaper skirt prevents your baby from drowning his or her buttocks in urine, even if the pad is wet it is still soft and supple. At the same time, diaper skirts can be washed several times and can be thrown directly into the washing machine when dirty, which is easy and convenient.



 1.More comfortable

In the past two days, when I was browsing the mother and baby community, I saw a post from a mother asking for help, saying that she felt a layer of sweat on her baby's back every night when she changed her nappy. The new mother was sleeping her baby on a diaper pad. So many people started talking about the dangers of diaper pads. However, the root of the problem is not the diaper pad, but a mistake that many new mothers tend to make - putting their babies to sleep on a diaper pad.

No matter how breathable they are, lying on them for long periods of time will still make your baby sweaty. If you use the mat for a short period of time when changing nappies or going out, it's already doing its job!

So don't put your baby to bed on a mat anymore! Although you shouldn't put your baby to bed on a mat, you can wear a diaper skirt, which is easy to use and more comfortable for your baby.


Diaper Skirt



2. Easy to train your baby to hold their wee


At around 15 to 19 months of age, babies should slowly start to try to pick up their nappies so that they can learn to hold their own urine and have the awareness to find their own toilet. Some mums may struggle with whether to use a diaper skirt or a diaper pad, but in fact a diaper skirt is used as an alternative to a diaper.

Note that a diaper skirt is not a substitute for a nappy, it is only used to train the baby to hold the urine, if the baby can't hold the urine, the large amount of urine may leak, so change it in time to keep the buttocks dry!

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