The importance of baby touch should not be overlooked

Apr 20, 2023

Did you know? Doing touch to your baby has many benefits! 

1 Improve the baby's immunity: touch can reduce the stress response, improve the baby's immunity, enhance the baby's ability to resist disease, and promote the recovery of sick babies.  

2 Improve baby sleep: touch may help babies with sleep disorders, such as difficulty falling asleep, easy to wake up, etc.; receive touch baby "sleep-wake rhythm" better, more flexible response. 


3 Conducive to baby growth and development: touch can be transmitted to the brain along the spinal cord through the body's tactile receptors pressure receptors, thus promoting baby growth and development. 

4 To promote the baby's intellectual development: infancy is a critical period of brain cell development, early touch at this time can give the nervous system appropriate stimulation, to promote the development of the baby's nervous system, thus promoting growth and intellectual development. 

5 Conducive to the cultivation of parent-child relationship: touch is not only skin-to-skin contact, but also the transmission of love from parents to their babies, to better cultivate parent-child relationship.  

How do I give my baby the right touch?  

  Parents who have never touched their babies may feel that baby touch is a more "powerful" skill, and they are afraid to try it easily. In fact, baby touch is not as difficult as you think, as long as you are willing to try, and pay attention to the following points can be.  

1. Touching hand method: baby touch does not require technical mastery in order to implement, even new parents can also be home to do baby touch. When you don't know how to do it at first, new parents can search the Internet for relevant videos and practice. But in fact, you don't need to follow a textbook or example exactly to give your baby touch. Sometimes babies just need more physical contact with their parents to get a sense of satisfaction and security. Sometimes the baby may not be able to cooperate with the process to complete each set of actions, parents may wish to touch according to the baby's preferences, or create some of their own movements to make the baby feel happy and comfortable.  

2. Stroke strength: The strength of the baby's touch should be adjusted according to the baby's reaction. Usually the baby's skin is slightly red after the touch, it means that the strength is just right, if the baby cries when doing the touch should be stopped immediately. In addition, parents do baby touch, apply some baby oil on the baby, can play a protective, moisturizing, lubricating effect, so that the baby feel more comfortable. Especially the month-old baby, the skin is delicate, rough hands touch easy to make the baby feel discomfort, and even easy to damage the skin, the appropriate use of baby lotion can effectively avoid discomfort or damage. 

3. Touch environment: room temperature should be about 28 ℃, cold weather in winter need to have heating or electric heater. 



4. Touch time: in the baby after bathing, emotional stability, no crying and physical discomfort, each touch time should not be too long, 5-15 minutes.

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