Should babies wear baby socks?

Apr 3, 2023

  Newborn babies can not wear shoes, but must pay attention to wear socks, which can ensure that the baby's feet in a healthy growth at the same time, but also to ensure warmth, but many parents do not understand the baby wear socks have a few points of attention, let us take a look below!


1.Do babies need to wear socks to bed?
I would advise against putting socks on your baby to sleep, as wearing socks to bed can hinder blood circulation and affect the quality of your baby's sleep. It is important for your baby to sleep comfortably. Wearing socks and gloves to bed is certainly a good way to keep warm in winter, but it can easily dry out the skin as it hinders blood circulation. And by allowing your baby's little hands and feet to touch objects more often, your baby's tactile nerves will develop better. Wearing socks, on the other hand, is not conducive to contact with the outside world and sleeping bundled up is very uncomfortable and not easy for babies to adapt to.
If your baby is kicking a lot (see here for more information on why and what to do about it), you can think of other ways to keep your baby warm. For example, you can put your baby in a sleeping bag and choose a loose sleeping bag so that he or she can sleep comfortably and not catch cold.


2. Notes on baby socks:
New socks should not be worn straight away. Turn the socks over and cut off all the threads inside to prevent them from getting tangled in the toes and causing ischaemia or even necrosis.
Socks should also be worn by babies who cannot walk. Without socks, your baby's feet can easily catch a cold, and they can also be damaged by moving their feet around. Wearing socks can help to reduce the risk of injury and prevent mosquito bites.
Babies also need to wear socks in summer. In the hot summer months, when the air conditioning is on, babies like to walk barefoot on the floor, so it is easy to catch cold without socks; in addition, if babies are left barefoot, it is easy to injure their feet if they are not properly protected.
There are many different types of socks for different seasons. In autumn and winter, it is recommended that mothers prepare two types of socks for their babies. In the colder winter months, you can wear wool socks for your baby, and be careful to choose socks that are mainly made of cotton.
Baby socks need to be changed in time. When your baby's socks have been used for a while, they need to be replaced. When your mother notices that the socks have lost their elasticity, that the heel has become thin, that there are holes, or that there are obvious strangulation marks on your feet, it is time to get rid of them.    

3. You should also pay attention to the following when buying baby socks:
(1) Give preference to light-coloured ones. Generally speaking, the brighter the colour of the socks, the more chemicals have been added to them.
(2) Choose socks with fewer threads. You can turn the socks over, and if you find a lot of threads, it is best not to buy them, especially the many jacquards that form the threads, which can easily tear the baby.
(3) Don't pick socks that are too tight at the mouth and too long in the tube.

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