Newborn stroking, a technique to make your baby's growth soar

May 19, 2023
The earliest behavioural relationship between baby and mother is based on the physical aspect, and although it is a simple touching action, it brings an indescribable sense of security and satisfaction to the baby. And, touch makes newborns grow a little faster and develop their intelligence a little better. Many people may not believe this, but we need to know that babies' bodies are inherently sensitive to external stimuli that are just beginning to be felt, and that the skin is the body's greatest sense of receiving external stimuli, an external sensory transmission of the nervous system. For newborn babies, the more sensitive they are to external stimuli, the more touch can help their development. Here are some simple steps to take to help your baby's mother!

First, the steps of touch

1、Mother first groom her hands and wash them with soap or hand sanitizer and dry them.

2、Let your baby lie prone on the bed or on your lap, and start stroking his face, shoulders, back and limbs from top to bottom, paying attention to the baby's skin tone. is too light and needs to be increased.

3、Let the baby lie on his back, rub his hands together and draw a circle with his belly button as the centre, taking care not to touch his navel.

4、Gently grasp the baby's limbs with both hands and do stretching and flexing, first the upper limbs and then the lower limbs. Note: The whole stroking method takes 15 minutes, such as baby indigestion can do more circles around the belly button massage; such as baby sleep is not very good can do more prone massage, time mothers to master.

Secondly, frequent stroking will have a very important role in the development of babies.

1. Intelligence. The mother often strokes the baby's face and back spine, which will stimulate the excitement of the baby's cerebral cortex and accelerate the secretion of growth hormone, which can lead to rapid neurological development of the brain and rise in intelligence.

2. Physical aspect. Mum strokes and massages her baby's little tummy more often, which can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and increased intestinal secretion of hormones, which improves the baby's ability to absorb nutrients. 3. For sleep, mothers can do a touch massage at night before the baby goes to bed, which can relieve the baby's fear of darkness, strengthen the baby's sense of security and improve sleep. Touch and massage methods are more effective for younger babies, while for older babies their cooperation should be taken into account, if possible, be sure to touch the child more often, which is a sign of parental love for the child and a way to enhance the baby's growth and development.

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