Is the baby at the time of rapid growth?

May 6, 2023

  A mother recently complained to me that her baby itself eating milk is very good very well behaved, recently I do not know what happened, suddenly a big change in temperament, hanging every day to eat milk, keep eating keep eating, not only eat bad and sleep bad, the baby is prone to crying and tantrums. What is this? Don't worry, this is the baby's the time of rapid growth!

  After a while you will find that the baby will be back to its previous good state, height and weight will have a leap. What is the the time of rapid growth? For the little baby, his growth and development is not uniform. The fierce period is a period of rapid growth in height and weight. When the baby reaches the the time of rapid growth, it usually has three characteristics which are eating more, growing faster, and crying a lot, and the mother will be tormented enough.

  In the first year of life, babies generally go through five times: the second to three weeks - the fourth to six weeks - the third month - the sixth month - the ninth month However, the baby‘s time of rapid growth each time it does not last too long, about 4 to 7 days later, the baby will gradually return to normal eating and sleeping patterns.

  Signs of a prolonged period
1. Very love to eat this is the most typical symptoms. The baby was eating milk feeding are very regular, some time will suddenly constantly eat milk, especially breastfeeding baby, has been hanging on the mother to eat milk, eat milk, eat milk! Babies who eat formula milk or babies who have already added complementary foods will not be satisfied with the small amount of milk they usually eat and will ask for more milk or things through crying.

2. Do not sleep well for the baby who can already sleep well all night, fierce long period baby will suddenly increase night waking, wake up to eat milk, or wake up early to ask for food. Some babies will sleep longer than usual after eating, and seem to keep eating, but they also seem to have consumed a lot of energy.

3. Crying in addition to eating a lot, sleep is not good, fierce long-term baby is also prone to crying and tantrums, eating milk constantly contain on, pull away, very irritable, more sticky. But the prerequisite must be to see if the baby is almost in the time period mentioned earlier, and also to rule out other possible causes, big-hearted parents do not take the baby sick crying, not sleeping well as a fierce long-term!

How to deal with baby's time of rapid growth?

  If you respond to your baby's signals without intervening in any way, your body will respond quickly and increase its supply, usually within 24-48 hours.
  So don't fret moms, your angel baby is just getting to the fast growth stage, after that time period you will be surprised to find your baby growing heavier and clothes getting smaller!

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