How to swaddle correctly?

Mar 27, 2023

Swaddling is the most important thing you can do to help your newborn sleep.


Some mums say it's as simple as wrapping your newborn in a blanket and that's it. In fact, swaddling is not as simple as that. Swaddling is not only good for your baby's development, but it can also help your baby sleep longer and with better sleep quality.


Benefits of swaddling:



1. Babies in their mother's womb are just curled up and tightly wrapped up in the womb. Suddenly born out of the familiar environment and without the feeling of being tightly wrapped, babies will have uncontrolled flailing and twitching of their arms and legs and will be easily disturbed. The swaddling is simulating the womb environment, giving the baby a sense of security and reducing crying.

2. Some people believe that swaddling restricts babies' freedom of movement and makes them passive? But more research shows that swaddling has a more positive effect. It is not a coincidence but a certain degree of inevitability that people all over the world are finding that tighter swaddling as a form of 'freedom restriction' helps to reduce crying.

3.A few babies who are uncomfortable with being swaddled do not need to be forced to do so and can sleep just as well without swaddling.


How to swaddle?



1. Lay the blanket on the bed and fold one of the corners inwards to create a small triangle and place the baby's head and neck in the folded corner;

2. Place the baby's left hand flat against his body and take the blanket on his left side to cover his left hand and body;

3. Lift the baby's right hand and tuck the edge of the blanket into the right side of the baby's back;

4. lift the bottom corner of the blanket to cover the baby's body, pressing the bottom corner under his right shoulder;

5. Pull up the last corner of the blanket over the baby's right hand and tuck it into the left back;

6、Swaddling is done, perfect!

Learning how to swaddle correctly can help your newborn sleep, but don't wrap him too tightly, especially if you wrap your legs tightly as you did in the past! The mother can make use of the anti-jumping sleeping bag, so that the baby and himself have a good sleep.

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