How to develop good sleeping habits for 0-3 month babies?

Jun 9, 2023

The most important thing that should be tuned during pregnancy is the knowledge of 0-3 months parenting, otherwise once the baby is born, new mothers are easily overwhelmed and rely on the parenting experience of the elders in the family or sister-in-law, which can easily be misguided and can also easily form no rules for parenting, resulting in the baby developing many bad habits; when it comes to brain development jumping period, the baby's sleep may be repeated, so don't be too anxious, just be patient and try your best to develop good sleep habits.

1. Spend 3 to 5 days recording your baby's routine, how long he/she eats (or how many millilitres he/she bottle feeds), how long he/she sleeps, and how much he/she is active, to understand your baby's habits;

2、According to your baby's work and rest habits, train your baby to eat to play  to sleep in a cyclic pattern, you don't need to follow the schedule at first, just eat and play to sleep in a cyclic pattern;

3. The hush pat method is recommended for putting babies to sleep at a young age. In play mode, the baby starts to rub his eyes and yawn to indicate sleepiness, then you can swaddle the baby, hold him vertically and pat him rhythmically on the back while making the "shh - shh - " sound (white noise from a mobile phone is not as effective as making your own), or rocking and shaking slightly at the same time.

4. Ignore your baby's nighttime sleep unless he or she cries out, opens his or her eyes, turns his or her head, grunts and coughs;

5, play arrangements as far as possible to let the baby activities fully, energy to get enough release, within 3 months of the baby can watch black and white cards, listen to music, practice lifting and turning, use the fitness frame or rocking chair, and talk to the baby, etc;

6. change the soft and absorbent nappy at 9.30 pm when feeding the confused baby at night, and apply buttock cream if necessary to ensure that the baby does not wake up at night because of the wetness of the nappy;

7. For that nighttime feeding before sleep, it is recommended that mothers put down their mobile phones, talk to their babies in a gentle tone and gently stroke their backs, arms and thighs to help them relax, so that they can go to sleep in a happy mood.

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