How can I promote my child's memory skills from an early age?

Apr 13, 2023

A child's memory is awakened through intimate contact like caressing, kissing, and holding hands. In other words, the process of enhancing a child's memory is a long and cumulative process. However, if we understand the process of memory, we can develop good habits for our children, thus promoting the positive development of memory.


1. 0 to 2 years old

  Researchers have found that a child's ability to remember shows up very early in life. In the experiment, the 6-month-old infant was able to use his hands to rattle various toys hanging on the bed, and when his mother hung them up again a few days later, he would repeat the same action. So children at this age always remember things that excite, thrill or scare them.

  For example, the mother of a child close to me said that she took her 1-year-old child to a medical checkup and he bawled when he saw a female doctor in a white coat, why was that? It turned out that he had a shot 3 months ago, and he might have forgotten the doctor's face, but not the white coat. They can also make a generalization and summary of the memory, if the event happened once, they think that it will happen again.These memories are recurring.         

2. 2 to 5 years old.

  The child at this stage does not yet have the ability to drive memory, but he has the ability to tell a story, and this simple narrative may be a key to unlocking the child's memory. He often remembers something very specific and detailed, for example, remembering that he wore a blue dress to the amusement park and saw the carousel there, instead of saying "I remembered the amusement park".

  They usually express their experiences in a narrative way. Therefore, children between the ages of 2 and 5 can already remember abstract concepts such as colors, numbers, and letters. They store a lot of information in a short time and try to recall it when they need it. Of course, this is merely mechanical memory without real understanding.

  The process of recalling often, so that these abstract memories are transformed into abilities, and the use of "repetition" as a means of memory, is the key to enhancing the child's memory during this period.


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