Beware of positional asphyxia in babies using rocking chairs!

Jun 21, 2023
Various recliners and rocking chairs are literally protecting babies safely. However, if you do not use it properly, it is also likely to take the baby's life. I believe that many of my friends or relatives have used all kinds of recliners and rocking chairs that give babies a natural rocking experience! But as early as many years ago the U.S. "Consumer Product Safety Commission" (CPSC) issued a "warning statement" that newborn recliners and infant rocking chairs have a "potential for death. The investigation said that some babies are not tied to the seat belt, the body flip caused suffocation. Some are lying in the reclining chair in the wrong position, resulting in the inability to breathe and die.

Many safety risks

Risk one: sleep plane tilt
CPSC (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission) in the recall of the baby rocking chair had proposed: rocking chair surface tilt angle should not exceed 10 °

Sleep surface tilt will make the baby's head is raised, once the baby turns over, he may be in an unsafe position (face down) is stuck in the soft depression at the bottom can not move, struggling in vain after suffocating in fatigue.

Is it not dangerous if the baby can't roll over yet? In fact, this is not the case. Because of the tilting / rocking of the sleep plane, the baby will unconsciously tilt his head towards the abdomen or the side when falling asleep, thus blocking the airway and causing postural asphyxia. Another situation cannot be ignored, the baby's body may slide down the slope to the foot side, if there is a quilt on the foot side, do not exclude the risk of covering the baby's mouth and nose and cause asphyxiation.

Risk two: shaking strength is not good control
Vigorous shaking baby may cause shaking baby syndrome leading to brain damage, retinal hemorrhage and even death
Parents' daily rocking behavior, such as putting in the cradle and gently rocking to sleep, is not harmful to the baby. But this principle may not apply to the baby rocking chair. Parents personally gently shake the baby, how hard the hands, how long to shake the heart have a number. Baby rocking chair is not so, it relies on mechanical drive, once the rocking force is too large or too fast, the consequences are unthinkable.

Risk three: the fabric is soft, not breathable
When the baby buried his face in the baby rocking chair soft surface will continue to breathe into their exhaled carbon dioxide eventually lead to suffocation if the fabric is not breathable, uncomfortable may also lead to baby body temperature overheating in addition to these problems baby rocking chair itself accessories and features of safety is also difficult to ensure

Once again remind everyone: tilt-type products should not be used for baby sleep, only a solid, flat surface is safe. In the case of unattended or restrained, babies should not be allowed to use rocking chairs, sliding chairs, soothers.

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