Bare bottoms are harmful to babies! When to wear small underpants?

Jul 21, 2023

After the baby said goodbye to diapers, many mothers think that the baby is still small, there is no need to wear small underpants. Although the "bare buttocks" can keep the baby's private parts dry and airy, it is harmful to the baby's physical and mental health and is not conducive to the development of baby hygiene habits. This behavior of not wearing underwear has the following 6 points of harm:

1. Not conducive to the development of gender awareness.

1 ½ years old baby has not yet established a sense of gender roles, not wearing clothes does not yet appear shy and other psychological reactions, but after 1 ½ years old baby entered the critical period of gender awareness, if it has been bare buttocks, may affect the baby's gender awareness of the establishment and development.

2. Not conducive to the establishment of social adaptability.

0~3 years old baby's psychological activities and behavioral performance by the parents at the same time, will also be affected by the social norms of morality and code of conduct, bare bottom will affect the baby's social adaptability of the establishment and development.

3. Impair the normal development of babies.

Babies under 3 years old, the body temperature center development is not sound, all aspects such as organs, blood, endocrine and other states are still in a state that can not be fully adapted to the external environment, especially the abdomen for the temperature of the sensitivity is very high, a little attention to the cold, will cause abdominal pain or cold, and even harm the baby's normal development.

4. Damage the health of private parts.

Light buttocks will make the baby's buttocks, reproductive organs exposed for a long time, but the baby is small non-sitting that is crawling, the exposed parts of the body susceptible to dirt, may suffer from urethritis, cystitis, urinary tract infections, and even lead to pinworms and other diseases, but also easy to be sharply pierced, bumped and injured or scalded by the fire, boiling water.

5. Promote the baby to play with the genitals.

Babies start to explore their own bodies from a few months, small hands keep touching around, including genitals. A "bare bottom" will reinforce this behavior and make it easier for babies to indulge in this kind of interest.

6. Not conducive to baby's toilet training

Toilet training is an important milestone in a baby's growth and development. Babies who are always bare-bottomed may not have the sense of toilet training, and are prone to urinate and defecate anywhere.


How old is the baby to start wearing underpants?
To protect your baby's physical and mental health, moms should do the following:

1. From birth: use diapers for babies
Be sure to choose products produced by regular manufacturers, need to be changed in time, especially in summer, to prevent redness and swelling of the buttocks.

2. 18-24 months: out of diapers, wear small underwear

Babies will be in the nursery at 3 years old, so at least before 3 years old to develop the habit of wearing underpants. Mothers should pay attention to observe, if the baby has the following performance, you can slowly let the baby out of diapers:

(1) baby's diaper often stays dry for 2-3 hours (indicating that the baby's ability to "hold it in" is improving);

(2) the baby can sit firmly on the small toilet and can clearly express his/her feelings, such as "peeing", "have to pee", etc.;

(3) the baby stops urinating and defecating suddenly while playing;

(4) the baby can understand simple commands;

(5) the baby can understand the instructions of the baby's parents;

In summary, although most of the physical and mental development of each baby in the same order, but each has its own development rate, can not be rigid, uniform treatment, should be based on the baby's specific circumstances to determine when to wear small underpants oh.

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