Baby Washing - How to wash your baby's face, hair and bath

Mar 31, 2023

Washing the face

(1)Wash your baby's face with water, controlling the water temperature at 34-36° (warm to the touch is fine);
(2)After wetting a small cotton towel (you can also use a disposable cotton towel), gently dip the baby's face into the wash, using a little pressure to clean the ears, corners of the eyes, mouth and other parts;
(3)Washing 1~2 times a day is enough, no need to wash too often;
(4)After washing the face, apply some cream for babies, after applying oil, it can effectively prevent eczema.


Washing hair

(1)In most cases, washing with water is sufficient. You need to control the temperature of the water, which should be around 36~38 degrees again;
(2)If there is a lot of sweating or some yellow secretions and crusts, use some special shampoo bath and body wash for babies;
a. Drag the baby up with one hand, fix the baby with the armpit, hold the baby's head in your hand and lay the baby face up on its back
b. Use the other hand to test the water temperature and wet the baby's hair when the water temperature is right
c. Use the body wash to gently rub into the hair 2-3 times.
d. Wet a towel with warm water and wash off any residual foam, avoiding the baby's ears and eyes
e. Dry the hair and use a dry towel to dry the baby's face in time.



(1)Purchase a suitable size baby bath (with a net inside) and put the bath water at the right temperature 36-38°C. The room temperature should be appropriate and there should be no draught;
(2)Place the baby in the net and wash the whole body, using a neutral, non-irritating baby bathing gel.
(3)After washing and drying, apply touch oil and body lotion all over the body, and apply fart cream to the buttocks.



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