Baby Sleep (Part 3)

Mar 23, 2023

Sleep training for infants is very important to help children develop healthy sleep habits and to help reduce safety issues when infants sleep alone. Below I will detail the sleep training for 0-6 months, which is further divided into three stages.


(1) 0-1 month training program

  • Babies not yet one month old especially need to sleep and usually do not need special coaxing to fall asleep. Just feed enough milk on time, burp well, wrap your baby tightly with a quilt at night and put him/her in the crib to sleep.

(2) Training plan for 2-3 months

  • Wrap the quilt: For 0-3 months old babies, the quilt must be wrapped tightly, otherwise the baby will break free on its own. After wrapping the quilt and putting it in the crib, it is recommended that everyone leave and don't let the baby's eyes meet anyone's, so he can fall asleep quickly.

  • With the help of the cradle: families who have the conditions can buy an electric cradle. The mother can open the electric cradle, close it immediately after the baby falls asleep, and open it again if the baby wakes up. Do not use the electric cradle when you sleep at night. It is better to insist that the baby sleeps on a crib at night, which also helps the baby to transition from the cradle to the crib faster.


(3) 3-6 months of training program

This stage is mainly to help the baby to develop the habit of regular work and rest.

  1. Firstly, we need to discover the baby's sleep performance

  2. Secondly, we need to strengthen the baby's "eating, playing and sleeping" cycle. It is best to keep the interval between baby's meals at 3 to 4 hours. Arranging play between eating and sleeping is to change baby's habit of eating and sleeping, playing for a while after eating can also make baby digest better and also avoid flatulence when sleeping.

  3. The last and the most important point is that it needs to be done gradually, three days a change. Mothers and fathers can try a small change in three days when they sleep train their babies

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