Baby Sleep (Part 1)

Mar 21, 2023

1.Sleeping time



2.Sleeping points to note

(1)  Sleep on your left side after breastfeeding to prevent choking on the milk.
(2)You can try to sleep on their stomach when they have flatulence, but you need parental care to prevent suffocation.
(3)Make sure the baby sleeps on his back at night
(4)Keep the room at a reasonable temperature and humidity (23-25 degrees is appropriate and 40-60% humidity is appropriate)
(5) swaddle the baby or use a surrender sleeping bag to make the baby feel more secure


3.  Signals 

  If the baby is found to have the following kinds of performance, most of them are because they are more sleepy and should soon be able to put them to sleep.
(1)  Mental state: crying, irritability, grunting, screaming, no obvious reason to throw a tantrum
(2)  Cognitive attention: loss of interest in surrounding things; dull and empty eyes, unwilling to play with adults
(3)  Motor/behavior: yawning, rubbing eyes, scratching ears and face, falling easily, unable to hold things in hands, burying head in mother's arms, leaning back and jerking up, chewing and nibbling hands.

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