Baby Easter Outfit and Games

Mar 17, 2023

Easter can be said to be one of the children's favorite holiday, every time during Easter, children with small baskets, playing Easter Hunt, happy smile, with a healing function, full of joy.


Easter Bunny costume
The "Easter Bunny" is actually derived from the culture of Western Europe, because the rabbit's reproductive capacity is very strong, can give birth to several litters of young rabbits in a year, so the rabbit symbolizes the rich and prolific, but also regarded as the creator of new life. In Greek mythology, the rabbit was the pet of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and a light-bearing guide for the Germanic goddess of the land, so now the rabbit has become such a messenger in Easter to deliver Easter eggs to everyone.

So on the eve of Easter, many parents can buy cute rabbit ears decorations for baby . Some moms and dads will even dress up as resurrection rabbits to take pictures with their children, and some will give their pets a special decoration.
Common Easter decorations include Easter bunny, Easter eggs, ducklings, chicks, etc.




Easter egg dyeing
Easter eggs are a symbol of goodwill, good wishes and friendship. Parents and children can work together to cook the eggs in boiling water, then cool and solidify them for egg painting. In addition to having paints and brushes ready in advance, you can also prepare some colorful glitter and cartoon stickers to give the eggs more decoration. Moms and dads can record their babies' creations with photos or videos, which is also a wonderful and precious memory.


Egg hunt
Egg hunt is the main event of Easter. In addition to drying the eggs drawn by the babies, parents can also buy plastic shell eggs (the middle can be opened) and stuff an educational note inside . You can also prepare 1-2 golden eggs. The golden eggs can be stuffed with some pocket money to give children more motivation to hunt for eggs.

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