6 things parents can do to make their babies sleep quietly

Jun 7, 2023

Many parents feel very headache for their children to sleep this thing, some children can not lie in bed by themselves to sleep, but always need parents to hold, until hold a long time baby sleep, can slowly put the baby to bed, in this process, if the baby suddenly woke up, parents still need to continue to hold.
Or if the baby wakes up every once in a while after falling asleep, the quality of sleep is not good. If this goes on for a long time, it can be harmful to the baby's health and torturous for the parents.
So how can you get your baby to sleep on his own and have a good night's sleep? Experts have some tips for you.

1. Enjoy your baby's one hour before bedtime
Experienced parents know that it takes about an hour between the time a baby becomes aware of sleep and the time he or she actually falls asleep. During this hour, some babies are used to taking a bath or drinking milk, after which they lie in bed with their parents and chat quietly, or their parents sing or tell stories to them. Parents should enjoy this hour and interact gently with their baby, it is the most tender moment of the day.

2. Communicate with your baby
Before going to bed, parents should snuggle up with their babies in the soft light and talk to them about what they have seen and heard during the day, as they will be happy to talk about the interesting things they have encountered.

3. Don't watch TV, computers, mobile phones and other electronic products before going to bed
Studies have shown that watching TV, computers, mobile phones and other electronic products for an hour before bedtime can disrupt the quality of your baby's sleep. This is because the blue light from these electronic devices affects the baby's physiological regulation and can lead to difficulties in falling asleep, which in turn leads to a corresponding reduction in sleep time and quality. If your baby doesn't sleep long enough, he or she will be very unrefreshed the next day.

4. Have props to accompany your baby to sleep
Babies are still at an insecure age, so if they have their favourite toys, quilts or clothes before going to bed, they will feel secure enough to fall asleep easily.

5. Help your baby to establish sleeping habits
It is important to establish a bedtime routine for your baby before he goes to bed. Once established, this rule should be adhered to consistently and should not be changed at will, so that your baby can form a habit of going to bed on his own after the established daily routine.

6. Don't be stingy with your hugs
Babies love to have physical contact with adults, and hugs produce a "feel-good" hormone, so hugging your baby often will make him feel safe.
If your baby has difficulty sleeping, it may be due to a lack of security, too much excitement before bedtime, or too much time spent watching electronics. This will keep your baby safe and allow him/her to sleep freely and happily.

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