10 practical ways for babies to sleep

May 3, 2023

  1. Adjust the biological clock within two or three months of the little baby almost all exist in the phenomenon of day and night, as the age of the baby will gradually adjust themselves. 1 year old, the mother should take the baby to play properly outdoors during the day, pay attention to the training of the baby work and rest have habits, sleep and wake up on time, nap time should not be too long or too late, will help the baby gradually establish a circadian rhythm of sleep.

  2. Science of feeding. Small babies can neither be hungry nor propped up, larger babies should gradually reduce the number of feedings at night, will eat at least one hour before bedtime do not eat snacks and indigestible things to avoid indigestion and difficult to sleep.

  3. Bedtime to have a good mood before bedtime. Do not let the baby play overexcited, do not give the baby to watch intense fighting television programs, the mother does not tell scary ghost stories, and not arbitrarily scold or scare the baby, so that the baby to go to bed in a calm and happy state of mind.

  4. Make good bedtime preparations before bedtime, let the baby empty the urine and stool, brush teeth, wash the face, wash the buttocks, wash the feet. Summer night before bedtime to give your baby a warm bath, the body is fresh and more conducive to a good night's sleep.

  5. Sleep alone naturally from the first day of life. We must train him to sleep alone naturally, and develop good habits of not talking, not patting, not coaxing, not hugging, not covering the head, not pacifier, not biting the corner, not sucking fingers, not holding toys to sleep.

  6. Provide a sense of security and comfort when your baby goes to sleep, let him know clearly that his mother is by his side, so that your baby can hear your kind answering voice to eliminate the fear of nervousness. Set up a comfortable crib for the baby, decorated with colorful and chic "children's playground", the wall with some beautiful baby photos, hanging his favorite monkeys, dogs, cats, rabbits, bears and other cartoon animals, bedside toys that he likes. In a childlike environment full of warmth and romance, the baby's sense of security and comfort will be born. If the baby is afraid of the dark, you can also put a small lamp in the room, and then turn it off after the baby falls asleep.

  7. Pay attention to sleeping position when your little one wants to sleep after eating milk, make sure you don't sleep on your back, so as not to choke your baby due to spitting up milk. Do not sleep on your stomach to prevent SIDS from occurring due to pressure on the nose and mouth. It is better to take the right side position. After the baby grows to a few months old to 1 year old, he or she will automatically adjust the sleeping position he or she feels comfortable with. If the baby sleeps in one position for a long time, the mother can help him to change his sleeping position.

   8. Create a good sleep environment. Bedroom needs to often open the windows for ventilation, to keep the air always new; indoor temperature at 26 ~ 28 ℃, humidity of 50% to 55%; if using air conditioning, the wind can not blow directly against the baby, it is best to turn off or turn up the temperature when sleeping; indoor light should be dark, to avoid outside noise into the house; to install anti-mosquito screen windows, screen doors, bed hanging mosquito nets to prevent mosquito bites baby;; Beds are soft and hard, cool mats, pillowcases, pillowcases, bedding should be diligently changed and washed; quiet and cool environment is conducive to a good night's sleep for babies.

  9. Pay attention to abdominal warmth. Abdomen, especially the abdominal wall around the navel, is a weak point, once cold when sleeping, easily lead to paroxysmal pain in the stomach and diarrhea. It is recommended to wear a belly band for the baby, covered with a thin towel quilt, abdominal warmth is conducive to a restful sleep.

  10. Eliminate the causes of poor sleep baby sickness to see a doctor in a timely manner, the symptomatic treatment. If the baby wakes up crying at night, the mother should patiently find out why the baby woke up, such as waking up because of cold, covered with too thick and too hot, waking up from a nightmare, thirsty, and waking up from urination. Once the problem is solved, the baby will fall asleep naturally.


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